Cherrita orchards

Where are Cherrita orchards?.
Cherrita cherry comes from the Marjana area, a valley situated at 800 metres above sea level in the municipal areas of Gestalgar, Chiva, Chera and Sot de Chera.
All of this are Valencia province towns, little towns.
The bigger is Chiva, but any other has more than 700 people.
As you probably know, "paella" is the most traditional dish in our community.
Valencia province climate is quite good.
It´s very sunny.
It´s well known that quality fruit is directly related with sun influence.

A lot of studies around the world talk about the importance of sun in quality fruit:

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alex said...

It is a pleasure to see that responsible agriculturists are providing the public the ability to choose natural healthy fruit that is protected from harmful chemicals that are anti natural.
more on why we should all eat Organic!