James Lovelock

I don´t know what to think.
I don´t know if I´m correctly treating the planet. My planet.
I have just red an article about James Lovelock.
It´s unquestionable his independence, his environmental compromise. But I don´t know what to think about his last proposal:

Ocean pipes 100 to 200 metres long, 10 metres in diameter and with a one-way flap valve at the lower end for pumping by wave movement" to pump water up from below the thermocline to fertilize algae in the surface waters and encourage them to bloom.

I have some questions:
What size would be this experiment?
What would it happen with the cold water at ocean surface?
If nutrients go up, what would it happen with deep ocean life?
Would it be an stable equilibrium?
What would it happen with oceanic currents which have an important role in climate regalation?
I don´t know what to think.
And you?

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