Organic farming

From the beginning of our project, I wanted to register our production systems by a "Official certifying organism authorized in Organics".
We just attained it.
Now we are organic farmers.
We certified our production in EUREP-GAP standards (integrated production) in 2004.
But my challenge always have been to farm with organic standards, which is very difficult in cherries due to certain lack of tools for controlling diseases like
brown rot, powdery mildeuw, ...

Finally, we are "certified organic".

Cherritas are organic.

We use the "European protocol for Organic production".

We are certified by an official organism named "Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunidad Valenciana".

All of Valencian organic farmers are controlled by it. It´s a Agriculture Ministery Branch.

Well, too much official information...

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