Rural worker portrait

Rural worker, a rare specie who may become functionally extinct.
This could be a great headline in a few years.
As Spanish National Statistic Institute reflect in its statistic studies, rural population is going down year by year.
Spanish farmers are having a lot of problems due to the lack of workers, above all qualified workers. There are no people for working in our orchards and our authorities are continually persecuting us, like politic prisoners or bank robbers.
Last week, in our county (comarca) police carried out a raid looking for illegal workers, taking advantage of grape campaign. It seemed a war operation, with military helicopters, army cars.
Please, stop this persecution.
We have enough problems as it is without bureaucrats making us worse.
Spanish people don´t want to work in agriculture. And we need young people for working in our orchards. Young legal people.
We are a medium enterprise in this sector, and we have no problems to contract workers, but there are a lot of little farmers who haven´t structure and need workers during the harvest. They have finally been fined. Harshly fined.

Population evolution indicates that rural population is going down. It´s clear.
This is a rural worker portrait. Harshly portrait.

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