We are now farmers

Yesterday, I was talking about our excellent cherries. Oh, I´m quite proud of my cherries.
But, when I think how much effort is necessary for making good fruit.
Now I remember our "fight against adversity" during 2005 year.
We had to have built four collecting reservoirs during 2004.
It was the end of this year, and only one of them was finished.
All of our collecting system depended on these reservoirs.
On the other hand, Spanish Mediterranean coast has an special weather. The rains are very concentrated. It looks like rain, and suddenly, a heavy rain begin to fall. The best years only 400-500 ltrs/sq.mt. are collected.

Our reservoirs had to be finished.

But they weren´t.

And we didn´t have water for our trees were irrigated.

We are now farmers.

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