Organic fruit is healthier

I found this afternoon this on the web, in Organic Angels Blog:

Studies in the US of Kiwifruit grown under controlled conditions have found the organic fruit to be a lot healthier. The organic produce was found to have 14 per cent more vitamin C and greater concentrations of several important minerals such as potassium and calcium.

Soon to be published studies in the EU will be showing similar results in organic tomatoes, apples and peaches.

The Soil Assocation in the UK have said "It is very encouraging when science catches up with common sense. These studies show that as more science is conducted, more evidence emerges showing beneficial nutritional differences associated with organic food." Posted by: Scott Butler

More news:

What do you think?

Cherrita orchards

Where are Cherrita orchards?.
Cherrita cherry comes from the Marjana area, a valley situated at 800 metres above sea level in the municipal areas of Gestalgar, Chiva, Chera and Sot de Chera.
All of this are Valencia province towns, little towns.
The bigger is Chiva, but any other has more than 700 people.
As you probably know, "paella" is the most traditional dish in our community.
Valencia province climate is quite good.
It´s very sunny.
It´s well known that quality fruit is directly related with sun influence.

A lot of studies around the world talk about the importance of sun in quality fruit:

Bio fraud

I´was looking for information about vegetarian cuisine, and I have found this page which is listing a very known "Bio-products" in Spain."
But really they are not "Bio".
This is a "million dollar question" in organics. "Bio fraud".
As organic farmer, I think that this fraud has to be eradicated by authorities.
This is not just.
This big companies are deceiving consumers.
There is a lot of fraud with "Bio" label and just is the moment to stop it.
You can help to stop it.
Be careful with this kind of products.
You must consume healthy food. It´s your right.
You can contact authorities if you are not sure.
You must consume authentic organic food.
Be sure.

Organic farming

From the beginning of our project, I wanted to register our production systems by a "Official certifying organism authorized in Organics".
We just attained it.
Now we are organic farmers.
We certified our production in EUREP-GAP standards (integrated production) in 2004.
But my challenge always have been to farm with organic standards, which is very difficult in cherries due to certain lack of tools for controlling diseases like
brown rot, powdery mildeuw, ...

Finally, we are "certified organic".

Cherritas are organic.

We use the "European protocol for Organic production".

We are certified by an official organism named "Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunidad Valenciana".

All of Valencian organic farmers are controlled by it. It´s a Agriculture Ministery Branch.

Well, too much official information...

Wellcome to Suffers Club

I´ve just remembered a meet with a young cherry producer during 2003´s summer.
I was traveling around different Spanish cherry production areas.
I like very much to meet with other farmers. They always have something to teach. And I always have something to learn.
I went with a friend.
When we met the young cherry producer, my friend said to him that we were farmers and he answered: Welcome to "Suffers Club".

...But cherries are very good.

We are now farmers

Yesterday, I was talking about our excellent cherries. Oh, I´m quite proud of my cherries.
But, when I think how much effort is necessary for making good fruit.
Now I remember our "fight against adversity" during 2005 year.
We had to have built four collecting reservoirs during 2004.
It was the end of this year, and only one of them was finished.
All of our collecting system depended on these reservoirs.
On the other hand, Spanish Mediterranean coast has an special weather. The rains are very concentrated. It looks like rain, and suddenly, a heavy rain begin to fall. The best years only 400-500 ltrs/sq.mt. are collected.

Our reservoirs had to be finished.

But they weren´t.

And we didn´t have water for our trees were irrigated.

We are now farmers.


Which is the difference?

This blogger activity is a good way of keeping the brain cells ticking over.
One thing is the act of thinking and the other is to write your thoughts down. There is a big difference between the two of them.
For a farmer the differences are just as big and these discrepancies are equally large. Some farmers think only in terms of mass production, while others consider the consumer.
We aspire to be in the latter group.
We try to make a difference, albeit slight. Sometimes light different, but different.
But this is not very easy with cherries, one of the most delicious of fruits. However, it is possible.
We can't hide our origin; our Mediterranean origin. We are from Valencia and so are our cherries; they too are Mediterranean.
They are Mediterranean cherries. Our cherry is the first Mediterranean cherry.
What then is the difference between our cherries and others grown elsewhere?
I'm going to try to find the answer through this blog.
This is not my field of expertise, but I'm going to try to do it.
You can help me too.
I think that our cherries are directly related to the place in which they are cultivated. Probably one of the most important question is related to the features of the orchards themselves.
Well, I await your response; I await the difference.

I´m farmer

Sometimes a farmer’s life is difficult; quite difficult.

When we started this family project, which is actually a lifestyle in itself, little did we know that our lives would be quite so different from what they were before. I remember the days when my brother-in-law (also a farmer) would wake each day, go out into the street and take stock of the weather. And every day I remember laughing at him.

But now I’m a farmer and I also have to keep on eye on what the weather is doing. Even as a write, here in Valencia we’re in the middle of a sudden downpour, which is a little odd for us in this city.

As you probably know, southeast Spain has quite severe water shortages.

I’m very happy when it rains here.

I’m a farmer.

Who I am

My name is Manuel Cervera.
I´m a farmer, from Valencia.

But I do not work alone; my sister Tere and my wife Mª José are also responsible for the Cherrita Project.

So, what is the Cherrita Project?

Cherritas are well known cherries that are grown in a balmy area close to the Mediterranean Sea.

But don’t worry if you don’t know a great deal about the project. We can tell you all you need to know about the process of growing our exquisite product.

Please feel free to send me your comments and any questions.