Recent days, I have read some articles about this new word, agflation.
Bill Jamieson wrote:

High, persistent and continuing rises in food prices are now posing problems around the world. It has brought forth a new term in economics: "agflation". It is the behaviour of food prices - an inflation that none of us can avoid - that some believe could rival global warming as the biggest single concern on the planet.
Interesting article in which this "problem" is analized.
All of us know last years farmers situation.
Low prices, goverment aid dependence, ...
This is the first time that agricultural prices perspective is good since I´m farming.
Probably this is the farming solution.
And "experts" are talking about a "problem".
Don´t you think that it is neccesary?
How can it affect organics?
I don´t know.

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forfi said...

Greetings from forfi to Manuel and Family !!

I think farming will come into profit soon,the growing prosperity of India and China will help this to happen.Have you planted any trees by moonlight yet?