Beehives at our orchards

We put beehives for pollination.
This is the only organic system for improving pollination.
An spezialized bee-keeper put beehives before blossom.

We can see him at Las Hoyas orchard.
He is putting the beehives closed to the cherry trees but in a wind protected area.


Howie G said...

Hi, this is Howard G., of greendebate.blogspot.com. They are pretty pictures, but is organic farming a science or a fashion for green upper class yuppies who look down on ordinary food?

Chemicals, some toxic are found in natural substances and "inorganic chemicals" can be safe and useful in farming I think.

Cherrita said...

I think it´s a science.
Organic authorities regulate and control organic orchards.
And it´s more difficult to produce organic food.
On the other hand, organic authorities permite the use of some inorganic products.
There are laws regulating organic production.
You know what you are doing with your plants, but you need that somebody control what you are buying.