These photos are taken in "Las Hoyas" orchard.
They correspond to the irrigation system works.
They were made in 2006 June.

Soil preparation

During 2004-2005 winter, we worked in soil preparation.
"Las Hoyas" and "Casicas" orchards received the most trees this year.

More snowing photos

We was very happy.
Always it´s snowing we are very happy. Always.
These photos were taken in parcels located in Chera town.

Snowing during the drilling works

Suddenly it was snowing.
It was the only good new.
The only water.
Not the only. but the best.

Looking for water

A risky adventure.
This drilling works were made during February 2005.

It was another step in the way.

Navazo surroundings

All the area surrounding our cultivars is an "Environmental Protected Area".
This feature supose an advantage for the quality of our products.
These photos are the "Navazo" orchard surroundings.
You can see a little river named "Regajo".
These pics were made during 2001.
I do´nt remember the month.

Mapping "Navazo" cultivar

We have all our trees referenced.
We have mapped all of the trees.
In this photos you can see the mapping works.
They were made during 2002.
Lately we have add information.

Water reservoirs

Our irrigation system is the most environmental respetuous that you can imagine.
We have built big water reservoirs in which water is stored.
We collect raining water from our cultivars.
The water quality is the best.
And we are absolutely adapted to our environment.
Our consumes are four times under the current due to a very studied cultive system.
This reservoir was built during 2004 and 2005.
It´s the bigger we have.

Cleaning buds

We try to maintain the tree under the best condition.
We reduce the pruning cut as low as possible.
It´s very important for maintainig the tree healthy.
In these photos you can see the clean buds process.
You can see the workers with anti-bees protection.

We have bees for pollination.
It´s very important in organic production.
Photos were made in "Navazo" cultivar during April 2005.

My father

These photos were made the first days in 2004.
He´s my father pruning the recent planted trees in "Las Hoyas" cultivar.
It´s for avoiding dehydration of recent planted tree.
He´s 82 years old.

Our cultivars are changing

It´s undoubtable.
Since we produce organic, our cultivars are changing.
They are happy.
I think that one of the most important thing is that now we are focused in prevention and not in recoving. This is the difference.
And our trees are grateful with us.
I think that this is the way.
It´s undoubtable.
Probably, the organic cherries are not the biggest and the hardest, but we can be sure that they are the tastiest.

Too much days

I have been busy. Very busy.
I want to send new posts daily, but it´s impossible.
Sorry this delay.
During the next days, I´ll try it.
Sorry again.