More funny images

She is Pilar.
She is Tere daughter.
Like you know, Tere is my sister and she is the orchard manager.
Our project is a family project.

She is Tere putting the chains.

Snowing inside reservoir during January 2007

Pera orchard

Pera orchard is the most precocious orchard we have.
It is 600 mts over the sea.
It has young trees.
Probably this year they are going to have the first important harvest.

It depends on the weather.
We have some expectations.
It is neccesary to regulate our harvest.
We are looking for cherries during May.
Well, I hope you to enjoy this blog.
We work for it.

Hail damage

During May 2007, it was hailing.
The direct damage was not very high but produced cracking later when it was slightly raining.

We are farmers.
We are always looking at the sky.


Old neighbors need our tractor help

An old couple of neighbors need our help.
She has forgotten her medicines.
They are isolated because the road is cut.
These images were taken during January 2007.
This is our tractor.

2006 blossom at El Navazo organic orchard

Molino de la Moreria

This other building will be rehabilitated later.
The place is wonderful.
It has an special personality.
It is going to be an Environmental School.

Visiting an interesting project

Last Sunday, my family and me were visiting an interesting project, "Molino de la Moreria".
It is being started by our friends Alberto and Maribel.
It´s incredibly interesting.
It is going to be an apiculture school.

They are rehabilitating and old mill with their own hands.
The old mill is imponent.
It is at the left side of Palancia river.
This environmental projects have an special taste.
Over all if people implicated are Maribel and Alberto.


After pruning at Las Hoyas orchard

Some cherry trees at Las Hoyas orchard are 26 years old.
These are 18 years old more or less.
It is possible to see the trees recently pruned.
As I have said on the previous post, I don´t like very much this technique.
It is some agresive for the tree.
It is very important to do it with care.

Las Hoyas surroundings at November 2005

There are some vineyards surrounding Las Hoyas orchard.
During autumn, leaves take brown tones.
It´s the moment for pruning, although we are not very enthusiastic with pruning.
You have to be careful with this action.

After raining at Las Hoyas

Raining water is very important for us.
We depend on it.
This water was collected at Las Hoyas orchard.
We have two water reservoirs at this cherry cultivar.
Like I have said in other posts, this orchard is in Chiva, a beautiful town closed to A3 road. This road connect Madrid and Valencia, at Mediterranean coast.
Besides, this water was the first after reservoir NÂș 2 construction.
Due to this, it was very important for us.

Wind protected placement

It´s important to protect the bees from the wind.
In this case, bee-keeper has chosen a placement as closed to cherry trees as possible, but wind protected.
It is very important.

Beehives at our orchards

We put beehives for pollination.
This is the only organic system for improving pollination.
An spezialized bee-keeper put beehives before blossom.

We can see him at Las Hoyas orchard.
He is putting the beehives closed to the cherry trees but in a wind protected area.

Blossoms at February 2006

These are our almonds.
They are in Chera.
It´s during the blossom season.
The area is known as "El Palancar".
They are organic too.
You can see the soil quality. It´s very good for organic production.
All of these photos were taken during February 2006.
You can see the surroundings.
It´s forest. Protected forest.
This are an environmental protected area.
I think that the place is beautiful.


Snowing at Las Hoyas

Snow is good for our cherries

I think that snow is very good for cherry trees.
And it´s better in organic cherries.
The cherry harvest is better and the fruit quality is hardly improved.