Checking El Navazo cherry trees

Today I was checking the cherry tree buds and taking notes. It has been a good winter.

More almond trees pics

Tere is checking the almond buds.
These days are critical.
The frosts are dangerous.
This is farming which can be dangerous of course.

Apricots at "El Navazo" orchard

We have been today checking our apricot trees at "El Navazo" orchard.
They are more delayed than the almond trees.
We have observed an important growing of roostock non desired branches.
We have some work.

Nearby flowering of the almond-trees

This is "El Palancar" orchard.
All the trees located in this cultivar are almond trees.
This winter has been good chilling.
But this January the high temperatures are acelerating the flowering.
It is very dangerous, because of potential frosts.
We are praying.
We are farmers.

NPK analysis

We are now composting manure for our orchards.
It is the best fertilizer.
We only have trees.
Due to this, we have to contact other farmers raising animals, cows, sheeps,...
I am looking for a kit for NPK analysis.
I want to evaluate every heap of manure.
Today, I have been testing some manure heaps which we are composting from April 2007.
Girl helping me is Tere, my sister.
The manure is very good. We are going to start the application next week.
Speaking about NPK analysis, I am loking for information.
I have been searching and I have found this products:
If you have used one of these products, I would like comments about them.